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GOSM BB and Masterbuilt XL in Stock

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by bourbonman, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I went to the BPS website and they have the Masterbuilt XL propane model for online availability for 179.99 + 14.95 shipping. I also went to the Landmann site to double check some dimensions and the Big Block is conveniently on sale as well for 249.99- the problem is the shipping is $103! Would like to pull the trigger on a bigger smoker, but is the big block $155 better than the masterbuilt? I've owned the small block (3605GD) for about 8 years and have been happy with the quality, but I think it was built by Vermont Castings when I bought it. I bought the 3405 wide body and was not impressed with the build quality and returned it. For you guys that have bought the Masterbuilt, how do you like it? Has anybody owned both?
  2. FYI - Although not one of the aforementioned smokers, I bought a Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 a couple of weeks ago on the Gander Mountain website for $250 delivered!  It was on sale for $250 plus $20 for shipping and I used a coupon code I found online for $20 off.  
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  3. Have no idea about the Masterbuilt but I bought a Big Block recently and really love it. If the Masterbuilt has same dimensions and the extra large water pan and cast iron wood box I would give it a try.
  4. old poi dog

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    Try looking at the Camp Chef 24.  I also got mine at Gander Mountain a few years ago.  What was incredible was that they shipped it to Hawaii for $50.00.
  5. dbarnett66

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    I beleive the Masterbuilt XL and the GOSM BB are about the same size. The only two things that I may have issues with is the smoke pan and lack of a drip pan. The GOSM BB has a better quality cast iron pan and it also has a drip pan. I plan to circumvent the drip issue by putting a humongo foil pan on the rack below to catch the drippings. I will have the amazen somker under the foil pan to protect the sawdust from getting dripped on. If the ceramic wood tray does not work, then I will invest in some creative solution, like a cast iron pan or fish cooker to hold the wood chunks. The conttruction of the smoker itself is very sturdy. I feel that it will last a number of years.

    I forgot to add, that I have assembled the unit but won't be able to smoke meat until next week. The unit dimensions are 23.36''W x 15.75''D x 35.76''H  
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  6. Thanks Dbarnett, I was hoping you had used yours since your last post. I have the cast iron wood box in my current GOSM and it is ok, but a lot of people replace it with a cut down coffee can anyway. I think I am going to make the trip to BPS to actually look at one of the Masterbuilts-It's over an hour drive but I think it will be worth it.

    The smoke vault seems nice, but the hight of the cooking chamber seems shorter than the MB and GOSM.
  7. Don't be afraid to get one.  I bought the Masterbuilt XL propane about a year ago from BPS.  Look at the forums for mods for this unit.  It is a great unit but you definitely need to 1) use a cast iron skillet for the wood chips/chuncks  2) get a bigger drip/water pan,  and 3) upgrade the thermometer.  I didn't use mine for about 8 months and had problems with it coming up to temp so I called MB customer service.  The wait on hold was long but their customer service is fantastic.  They told me what to check and sent out replacement parts since it was still under warranty.  BTW spiders and other crawly critters like to make their home in the burner system!!  So far I have put mine on casters, upgraded the chip pan, water pan, and thermometer.  I just got a digital dual thermometer with remote (this is the BERRIES!)  Made Canadian Bacon for the first time yesterday, and it is delicious!!  Good Smoking to ya!