Chipotle Marinated Beef Tenderloin Tips

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Wow Robert, talk about a home run… rather a Grand Slam!

Thanks so much Justin. We thought it was pretty good but not sure about a grand slam :emoji_wink:

Great looking plate there Robert

Appreciate it Jim. Not much to look at really but flavor was great.

Looks fantastic Robert ! I could sit down to plate of that anytime!! Yum!!

Well come on down Travis!! We'd be happy to serve you a plate or three.

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Fantastic as usual! I've never seen beef tenderloin tips around here.

I'd never seen them before either until I started getting the CPB. Being that they are "scraps" the price point it very reasonable but you're still getting tenderloin. We go through a LOT of these around here.


Thank you sir!!!

Glad to see you finding time to cook. Must be getting caught up on yard work.

Appreciate it Brian. Yes, it's nice getting a little time to cook but still, most of what I've posted recently has been quick meals, including this one.

Good lookin plate.

Thank you sir!! Not much time put into presentation but the flavors were there.

Looks delicious Robert! I'd be lickin my plate clean!

No need for licking Ryan. We have torts or bread to soak up the remnants with

Robert, your cooks are inspirational. Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing.

Very much appreciate the kind words Colin. I've had a lot of fun here learning from others and trying to give a little back once in a while. The pool and a margarita are my inspirations for creativity, all of the actual ideas stemming from what I read here.

Looks amazing Robert! Glad you are loving the paste. It’s phenomenal for sure.

It was love at first bite that's turned into infatuation :emoji_wink:

I’ll be cloning these beef tips soon thanks to that mysterious package contains some showed up haha.

You are gonna LOVE this concept....and there is a method to somebody's madness :emoji_laughing:

I imagine , cut in bite-sized chunks, leftovers would make some great Tortas on Bolillo with Onion and Cilantro

Great concept Jimmy but the problem is that there was none left to do anything else with :emoji_astonished: Tracy ate it all...haa haa haa

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Actually David I outgrew the rubber ducky long ago. I've advanced to those cute little inflatable orange things that go around your upper arm. That leaves the lower arm free to get the margarita cup to my face :emoji_laughing:

Ha ha , good to know Robert, that way you can stay cooled off in the water with your orange water wings

Too funny

The meal looked fantastic

Robert, that is one fine looking dish. I'll be over shortly for any leftovers you may have

Appreciate the kind words but sadly there are no leftovers. Guess we will just have to make another batch :emoji_wink:

Boy, does that look Tasty!!
Nice Job, Robert!!

Thanks so much Bear. Believe me, they don't look nearly as good as they tasted. Tracy has already asked for them again.

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