3 crappy pieces of chicken & oh yeah i got married today

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May 5, 2007
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sorry- it was the glasgow,ky. highland games(scottish heritage festival),i had a bit of rum, talked a world famous tribal drum band(albannach)new old friends-into doing a suprise traditional scotts wedding(my wedding party),so after the rum, 18 yr old scotch... i can't really say all this right or get all the pics in.... honeymoon tonight & baby due tuesday(d-day)but here's what i had time to upload today...oh yah i got some real irish/scot peat to cook w/- i will post that & recipes as those come. here's a couple pics from today - (that's me kissing me best mate- he's a prankster so i hadda do it... yer not real until ya had a man in a wool kilt in june flash ya..... http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...wedding037.jpg http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...wedding037.jpg http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...wedding037.jpg http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...wedding037.jpg
i'm bumping this, not cause i want congrats & yer all asleep by now... but because i actually didn't have to feed everyone & all my groomsmen wore skirts(kilts) but ya wouldn't laugh@ them (it's like the braveheart battle scene invaded our wedding).i get enough guff about this site- tell my wife congrats so she don't think i'm addicted to ya buggers(ya right - she knows...)
no comparison that i can think of unless yer in east texas & stuff wet spanish moss in a beer can over coals-thats the closest thing i could even guess as. but i did the research & for this festival circuit & the heritage -i'm going w/ mesquite & peat & another secret(no one else does it so i can't say)it's so hard to corner a niche & i think i got it... plus i can go do the music too...i'll post some hints & links tomorrow, here's just 2 links to the music- my best men (the hippie man & bald one on the 1st vid were my best men today & the 2nd song-everyone knows that music from mel gibson "we were soldiers". thats jamesie(yah me kissing him- he rocks... lovely lil' feller me groomsman) ya know that 1 from the mel gibson movie.
Congrats on the wedding! May you and your bride have many moons of good smoke and happiness!
True story - I was at a bbq yesterday and when the rain and wind picked up in the early evening, the women (including my girlfriend) headed in the house, while a bunch of us guys hung out in the garage drinking beers & waiting for a couple chickens cooking on my friend's rotisserie grill.

One guy, a friend of a friend, is complaining about his wife. He's been married two years or so and they have a one year old. He says: "Don't ever get married!" He tells me all sorts of things I already knew about his wife from meeting her at get-togethers over the years (I never liked her). All the while I thought this guy was a saint for putting up with this controlling b!t@h. He said they went to see a marriage counselor recently, and his wife got into an argument with the counselor - she b!t@hed him out and they left!

Then it hit me, the guy sitting next to him is his brother-in-law - I say: "This is his sister you're talking about?!?!" The wife's brother says he agrees with everything that was said: "Don't ever get married! ALL women are b!t@hes, including my sister!" I was cracking up! They went on and on.

An hour goes by, and my girlfriend comes out to the garage. She can't stand it inside - all the women are b!t@hing about their husbands and telling her: "Don't ever get married!" This is priceless!

A few minutes later, this guy's wife pulls their car into the driveway. She's packed up and ready to go, and she calls his cellphone to say "Let's go. We're leaving NOW!" Before he leaves, I let him know that his wife gave my girlfriend the exact same advice he gave me. He smiles and says: "20 years in prison for murder would be easier than staying married to this woman any longer."

I don't understand how the guy didn't see this coming years ago. I saw it, and I hardly knew them. The three guys all seemed to have the same problem - a wife that thought that once they were married, she'd be able to change her husband! They would put an end to their husbands drinking beer in the garage while waiting for the chicken to be done; no more poker nights with the boys; no more dirty laundry on the bedroom floor; etc., etc.

What I walked away from it with is this: "Don't marry the WRONG person!" and "Don't ever EXPECT the other person to change for you!" It's too bad that the three couples from this story all have kids, because these kids are the ones that will suffer most if their parents can't accept each other for what they are.

Congratulations on your marriage, and good luck to you both!
My 1st wife was a complete disaster, my current wife is a keeper!
The secret? Test drive. We lived with each other for ten years, worked out all the bugs, before we finally made each other honest.
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