wood smokers

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  1. N

    New offset (Bell Fab) delivery tips, smoking tools, and tricks?

    Hey SMFers, After first speaking with Craig at Bell Fab back in October, I got a call from him a couple of weeks ago to go over the build (24"x48" patio with 4 wagon wheels, 3/8" thick all the way around) and late last week I got the word that he's done with construction and will be arranging...
  2. R

    what kind of wood should i use

    hey guys i live in Portugal and i don't have easy access to cherry or oak we have other types of wood available and i would love to know witch one you recommend - instead of normal oak we have loads of cork oak (maybe its the same) - Pine wood - olive wood - holly wood - Eucalyptus wood My...
  3. slickmick84

    Help.......! In search of a AMERICAN built smoker barrel

    Currently I have a small vertical charcoal/wood smoker grill but i would like to grow bigger. I've been searching all the outlets around me, home depot, Lowe's , Sam's club, tractor supply etc.. My current issuse is the American build of these, I can't find any! What are the brands, costs, and...