top round

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  1. tropics

    Another Corned Beef with Left Overs

    Used Pops brine again Started on 11/1//19 it was suppose to be a Pastrami This was a Top Round Angus Choice I picked up on sale $1.99 # Rinsed an soaked for about an hour, then into the pot Cooked for 3 plus hours till tooth pick tender Sliced Had the usual Cabbage and Potatoes Sorry no pics...
  2. loosechangedru

    Top round roast and overnight pulled pork

    Started a couple of boston butts last night on my 18.5 WSM, and had plans for a top round to join them in the morning. I was a little lazy last night, I did not prepare the beef until the morning. Lit chimney @ 10pm, temp stable @235* with applewood, water in the water pan, and butts on by about...
  3. SittingElf

    Sous Vide Top Round Roast. Excellent results!

    I pulled a 5lb Top Round Roast out of the freezer to make dinner and sandwich meat for my wife to take to work everyday for the week. (She is a senior Air Force Commander and rarely can get out for lunch!). The goal was to make this lean and tough meat end up tender, juicy, and tasty! Success...
  4. mark in the pit

    72 Hour Sous Vide Top Round Steak

    72 Hour Sous Vide Top Round Steak Ingredients: Top Round Steak Salt Pepper Garlic Balsamic Reduction: 2 Mushrooms 1 Thick Slice Of Onion 2 Tbsp Balsamic Vinager 2 Tbsp White Wine 1 Tbsp Butter Method: Salt and pepper the top round steak. Crush the garlic and place on the top round steak...