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  1. Daba's BBQ

    My injector died - suggestions?

    The injector that I got last year is crap; it leaks and most of the liquid comes out of the side more than goes into the meat! So the time has come to get a new one that'll actually last and work. Suggestions? Thank you Peace
  2. Daba's BBQ

    Very First Offset Smoker - advice needed

    I just bought my very first offset smoker. Having never used one before, any advice would be appreciated. I saw many videos where folks spray the grates and the entire interior with canola oil and run a "seasoning" fire for a few hours before their first cook. Is this a good idea and do I need...
  3. D

    Selecting quality BBQ equipment (injector syringe, cooking racks, gloves, etc) -- Help wanted

    Hi there, I'm just getting into smoking, and it seems I could use a few tools.... and my family is demanding a gift wishlist (lol) so I'd appreciate some help identifying good accessories. The tools I'm thinking about currently are as follows: 1) Meat injector syringe. I've found these blog...