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  1. disco

    Smoked Tomato Soup

    I ate a lot of tomato soup when I was growing up. There would be a grilled cheese sandwich with it on a good day. The problem was it was canned soup. It was thin and didn’t have a lot of flavour. I know I can do better and have made tomato soup many times. Yet, I wondered what it would be like...
  2. C

    Humidity questions

    Ok, so, my folks have just made a greenhouse, it's 10' by 10'. They're new to this, so am I, so as much advice as you can offer would be awesome, not only related to my question. They plan on growing tomatoes and eggplants if I'm not mistaken. Is there a humidity level they need to keep here...
  3. Bbqschmak

    Wing dinner

    Just love a quick wing diner after work. Chop 'em up, dry with towels, add a little SPOG, and then be liberal with paprika. Let them sit while I picked some ripe veggies from the garden. Had appetizer. First tomato of the year. Wow it was good. Through them on grill, had a few cold ones...