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  1. gmc2003

    Sirloin Grilling Tips - Kettle Style

    Well, another week of vacation and another night of firing up the kettle. Next to flank steak these sirloin tips are my favorite cut to grill and most importantly eat. Enough gibber-jabber let's get it on. First things first. Kudos to the sous chef who was doing an outstanding job that...
  2. med_rare_imp

    Where’s the smoke flavor?

    Switched from a masterbuilt electric to a pit boss pro series 4 v2 vertical pellet smoker and can’t get more than a slight hint of smoke flavor on the outside of meat (no smoke flavor inside) Even after using a smoke tube. My electric always gave me lots of smoke flavor (could smell it...
  3. B

    Masterbuilt Dual Fuel temp and smoke control question

    Ok, so I'm new to smoking. I got the Masterbuilt dual fuel and smoked a brisket (flat...Maybe 5 lbs). Turned out tasty but a little heavy on the smoke. What is the best way to control how heavily smoked the meat gets? Is there a method to using the lower and upper vents? Should I leave them...