temperature issue

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  1. T

    Temp Differences once loaded up with Meat

    Hello y'all I've recently completed my offset build which is pictured below. Today I've loaded it up with a few brisket and I"ve noticed that the temp difference from side to side has increased greatly. It used to be within 5-10 degrees side to side now it's closer to 50 degrees difference...
  2. wesir

    MES 340G Temp Issues

    Used my MES 340G for the first time today to do some snack sticks and seemed to get a pretty noticeable temp swing from the right to left sides, right side above the heating element cooked much faster than the left side did, there any mods people recommend to even this out? I saw something about...
  3. Murray

    MES 30 Temp. Overrun

    MES new at Christmas, 8 smokes, cold climate. I now have a reoccurring issue with the unit surpassing the temperature set point and keeps heating. Happened once when I first got the MES, cleared it’s self up and hasn’t happened until today. Applied the hairdryer to start it up, set temperature...
  4. Perfessor

    Better temp regulation possible???

    I searched on this but either used the wrong keywords, or don't know what I'm doing, lol. I have a Masterbuilt 30 that I have had for a few months and used about 5 times so far. I'm getting ready to smoke some ribs and trying to get the temp set to 225. I have 2 external probe set up in the...