smoke hollow

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  1. GreytQ

    New member in Killeen, TX

    Moved to Central Texas from Southern Indiana a year ago this month. I had been smoking over hardwood charcoal, etc. for several years but translating those skills to TX wasn't working for me. Trying to manage the temperature and smoke level in all this WIND was just too much. Santa brought me...
  2. smokechump

    Please help me choose a 2-door smoker

    Hi I currently have a 1-door smoker, and I hate it because smoke/temp is lost when I open the door. I am considering few options. Few considerations: 1)I want a big(ger) smoker box, ideally 2)I would prefer to stay away from glass windows. I don't think it's important to look at meat, but the...
  3. P

    How to stop chips from igniting?

    Hi all. N00bl3t food smoker here. Just built and seasoned my Smoke Hollow PS4415 propane smoker and plan to cook some ribs tomorrow. The manual said to do a 45 - 60 minute smoke at 300 which I did. What it didn't say to do was to use chips or not to produce smoke. I opted to use the wood and...
  4. C

    need help - Internal temperature not accurate, probably user error

    Hello all, I just started smoking a few weeks ago and I’m loving it, but running into some issues and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for with google searches. I’ll put the details of my equipment at the bottom. So, my issue is that I can never seem to get an accurate internal temperature...
  5. travisty

    Smoke Hollow SH3616DW ???? Anyone use this?

    Hey, So I have been doing some catering on the side, and I am looking to add a cheap yet effective unit with a good amount of real estate. A sort of "Best Bang" situation until I can start making enough money to get something more commercial. I currently use a YS640 and a Traeger Pro 34, and I...