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  1. B

    RTV Silicone & Clamps

    Gday guys, i feel like theres not too many aussies around to ask and the aussiepitsmokers site is gone for parts and this smoker is made in oz My research about sealing up your smoker around the net seems dated and I wonder if new ideas and materials are recommended. so far, ive heard of...
  2. M

    Another question about the Oklahoma Joe's Highland firebox

    So here is the deal. I know this has been asked and all the threads I read tend to give me a different answer so I wanted to though this out there. I bought An OJ Highland lastnight online and am waiting for it to be delivered. 2 things I want to do during assembly is the seal the 2 halves on...
  3. M

    sealant for new smoker

    I just assembled a wide-body DynaGlo offset smoker, and I'm trying to figure out what sealant I should use. I figure I may need to seal up the outside of the firebox and smoke chamber, as well as the connection point of those two. Here's my two-part question: can I use the same sealant on both...
  4. MattCats10

    Mornin' from Memphis

    Good morning fine people! I've been searching the forums for some time now and decided to finally take the plunge and post. I bought a Chargriller 5050 last year with the SFB addition and am in the process of modifying after learning a little more about the smoker for the past few months...