reverse flow smoker

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  1. BigBryanSr

    Cooking on a reverse flow offset cooker

    Does anyone have any resources, articles or advice on using a Blowin Smoke reverse offset smoker? There are dampers on the firebox, chimney and going into (and outside the "rib box/ warmer". With this reverse flow cooker do open vents lower the temps? The rib box fluctuates the most and it sits...
  2. BigBryanSr

    New to SMF. Cooking with offset reverse flow in Fort Worth, TX

    First post for me. Ive been grilling and smoking meat since I got my first grill (knock off Weber kettle grill) in 1994-1995. Maybe it was a Brinkman water smoker that I made my first rack of ribs on (same time period). My dad gave me a unknown ceramic smoker in the later 90's that I floundered...
  3. bbqchris52

    Quality Budget Friendly Trailer Smokers

    Hey guys, I've been smoking BBQ for about 13 years now and have been thinking a lot lately about getting a trailer smoker. I have cooked for a few small weddings and parties and my Oklahoma Joe cookers barely get the job done and it is definitely a chore cooking a lot of meat on small cookers. I...
  4. S

    Second hand Reverse smoker like a BMS-5 from BBQ mates wanted

    Hi All, We are opening a new restuarant and are looking for a large sized reverse smoker similar to a MNS-5 that BBQ mates manufactre. Please contact me should you have one for sale or know someone. regards, Smokey 0902
  5. Horst92

    In need of a little help with the FB/CC Opening of my build

    Hey guys, my first post here... greetings from Germany, just registered because I couldn´t exactly figure one main thing out in @daveomak great tutorial for building a RF smoker. First off, you guys did amazing work with that guide... Has really helped me so far. This is where I encountered a...