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  1. P

    Rain issues

    Hey guys finally got the smokehouse finished and dialed in exactly as far as the cold smoked process going and keeping that smoke flowing just right My first item I did was quite a large brisket and smoked it at about 90° for 20 hours and I couldn't believe I actually made one of the best...
  2. S

    Rain rain rain

    Hello, I just acquired a FireBoard 2 Drive with a fan. The FireBoard is water-proof but what about the fan? Do you leave your fan in the rain? Is it isolated as well? If not, how do you isolate it from the rain ? Thanks for the tips. DB from Belgium
  3. M

    Pellet Smoking With Some Rain

    New smoker here! I'm still waiting on the delivery man so I am full of questions. Being in the PNW we get enough rain I thought I'd ask som experts. How well does a pellet smoker do in the rain? I understand wet pellets mean pellets gone bad, in a downpour I wouldn't expect to smoke, but...
  4. T

    Beginner needing advice on smoking in bad weather, any help would be appreciated!

    Hello all, So I've been interested in cooking (with a bigger interest in meat) for a while now, and I love BBQing. Today, my first smoker arrives! I have a landmann kentucky smoker arriving (I know it's not the favourite smoker amongst the pro's but it'll do for a beginner), and honestly I CAN...
  5. loosechangedru

    Chest freezer outside?

    I think chest freezers fall under the sub forum "equipment," but please feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place. I recently got my hands on a ~18 cubic ft chest freezer for FREE, I just had to pick it up. Lightly used, I plugged it in last night and it seems to be working great. I...