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  1. disco

    Breaded Dill Shrimp

    A request was made. She Who Must Be Obeyed wanted breaded shrimp. I prefer unbreaded shrimp that is marinated and grilled but who am I to deny a beautiful woman who has made me happy for decades? I had about 30 medium shrimp that were shelled and deveined but the tails left on. I patted them...
  2. disco

    Soy Lime Prawns

    I love prawns. They cook quickly in so many ways to make a great appetizer, snack, or meal. So, when She Who Must Be Obeyed said she wanted prawn appetizers when I was making some chicken wings in the smoker, I was happy to oblige. I took 10 deveined and shelled prawns and put them in a...
  3. RyeSmoke

    Grilled Spot Prawn and Smoked Scallop Pizza ( A Follow up to the Smoked Swimming Scallop Post)

    So the other day I posted about the smoked pink swimming scallops I did up. Brined for 30 minutes on a mix of sugar, salt, soy, garlic, water, and Datu Puti vinegar. Then smoked them for a couple hours on a mix of cherry and maple. See my earlier post for the full step by step. They turned out...