pork bacon

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  1. M

    Minimum salt% in pork loin?

    First time attempting homemade bacon! I used a piece of skin on pork loin but followed a recipe for a pork belly. Recipe called for prep of a bulk cure mix - 400g salt. 200g sugar. 60g pink curing salt (6.25% NaNO3). I then weighed my meat and calculated 2.5% of this weight and used this value...
  2. Brokenhandle

    Two bacons and brisket

    Was time for more bacon, but gonna change it up a bit...so pork bacon, beef bacon, and a brisket! Start with the pork, cured with tenderquick following @Bearcarver method cold smoked with pitmasters choice pellets. Belly going in Time for some tbs... Had about 8 hours of smoke, time...