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  1. PitBossMikey

    Good day to smoke a fatty

    Having our annual Bourbon & BBQ cookout and pool party at a good friends house, so of course I had to make a few fatties to take. 2 Italian with hot capicola, hard salami, pepperoni, pepperoncinis, and Italian dressing. The other two are Philly cheesesteak with thin sliced roast beef, onions...
  2. r5ryder

    Sandblasting barrels in Philly

    I got a couple of food-grade drums from a recycler, but they have the tan liner inside. Anyone in the Philly area (preferably inside the city) know where I can get these things sandblasted for a reasonable price? I've struck out with a couple of metal workers. Was going to hit up some body...
  3. oberst

    Cheap high temp cheese makes Philly Stix

    Tried something different, used a brat recipe, the Owens Philly Cheese Steak one, to make stix. Did a 5 pound batch, carefully weighing out the mix from the 25 pound batch pack. Added teaspoon equivalent of cure #1, and I think most importantly, added 20 ounces of pepper jack high temp...