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  1. Y

    Struggling with Brisket

    Hello fellow smokers! I am new here and notice there is a lot of support. I am in the process of opening up a food truck and bought a Smokintex 1460 as space is limited. I am used to smoking in a massive Southern Pride smoker and I am struggling getting a hang of the Smokintex. I smoked a 10lb...
  2. Daba's BBQ

    Inkbird IRF-4S. Very Disappointed. Now I need a new one ASAP. Any suggestions?

    Good morning everyone. I just picked up the Inkbird IRF 4S and I am very disappointed with it. I tested it last night and again this morning. Not only is it difficult to program, the instructions are horrendous, but the oven probe also doesn't work. I am doing an overnight cook on Saturday and...
  3. Preacher Man

    A Turkey to Break My Helicopter Smoking - Qview

    You know how they say helicopter parents are those parents that are always hovering over every single thing their child does? Well, that's me with smoking meat. I put something in the the smoker and I go nuts and obsess over it the whole time. I been really wanting to break myself of this...