montreal smoked beef

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  1. thirdeye

    Your Thoughts on Flavor ~ Corned Beef, Pastrami, Montreal Smoked Beef

    I'm not trying to get into a battle of definitions or origins of the above cured meats but I'm curious about the signature flavors you enjoy and why. I can't get beef navel, so let's assume every product uses brisket. Store-bought corned beef is usually saltier and tangier than my home-made...
  2. N

    MIxed Results with Brisket

    Hi, was trying my hand at making two cuts of smoked meat. Pastrami and Montreal smoked meat...used end for the pastrami and flank for Montreal smoked meat.. Both were marinated in brine for 5 days and were dried off and rubbed with a dry rub prior to going into the smoker @ 275. when internal...