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    Deeper smoke flavor, I bent up the tab, closes the vent completely. Enjoy!
  2. c9belayer

    For Sale: Masterbuilt 40 Controller $30

    This is a Masterbuilt 40 Model 20070311 Controller Assembly. It came off a new unit that I hard-wired for a PID Controller. I figure this could be of some help to anyone with a burned out Masterbuilt Controller. It's worth something like $60 new but for half that, it's yours, plus shipping of...
  3. c9belayer

    MES40 Mods - The Saga!

    Hi Smokers! Been a long while. I have some free time now, so I put together a PDF of mods I've done to my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40 Model 20070311. Maybe it'll help someone? It includes removing the internal smoke box (if using the Masterbuilt external smoke generator), flipping the burner...
  4. Jcurcio

    MES 40 w/AMNPS Long Smoke

    Hey everyone, Looking forward to using a new setup and have a question. What are your thoughts on refilling the AMNPS when it goes beyond 12 hours. Here's the scenario... Doing a pork butt and planning on starting at 10pm tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to add pork belly, but that won't be until...
  5. runninreb825

    Thanksgiving turkey smoker temp

    Hello, I am smoking a 20 pound turkey for Thanksgiving in my MES 40". I'm unsure what temperature I should smoke at? I was originally thinking 275, but the more threads and sites I check I see 225-240 is norm. What kind of timing should I expect at the lower temps vs. the higher temps? And at...
  6. hillbilly69

    Any hope for my MES40 or should it be trashed?

    Sometimes there are just no words. I am almost embarrassed to post these pictures of my neglected MES40 but I was hoping for input on how my smoker can be saved, if possible, or whether it should be thrown in the trash heap. Yesterday I spent several hours scrubbing away residue from inside of...