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  1. K

    A-MAZE-N Maze, Cold Smoke – Ash Flavored Nova Lox

    Hello – I’m reaching out to the community in the interest of learning from my first cold smoking attempt that went wrong. My goal was to make Nova Lox. I’d really appreciate any constructive ideas you can share. I’m having trouble identifying the problem(s), especially given others’ successful...
  2. disco

    Lox Plus

    I have made Lox a few times. The classic Lox involves packing salmon in a salt mix to draw liquid out and help preserve the salmon. It is delicious. However, my twisted mind wanted more. I have also made Ceviche and love the citrus flavours. I also smoke a lot of meat and thought some smoke...
  3. M

    What are your ratios: salt:fish weight and time.

    I'm a bit hit and miss with my dry cure salmon process (I cold smoke). Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's oversalted as hell. As a newbie, I see all over the internet, lots of different quantities of salt : fish lbs and curing time. Some recipes pack on the cure and leave it for 2 hrs, or 4...
  4. bgaviator

    Latest batch of Lox

    Got one last nice cold weekend, so I took the opportunity to turn the last 3 salmon fillets I got from a coworker into lox. Used the exact same method as last time, with the addition of adding dill to the wet brine and sprinkling it with dill before the vacuum seal. I wasn't sure why one of my...
  5. SmokinAl


    I have made lox following bbally's instructions several times over the last year or so. I grew up on lox & cream cheese with a slice of onion on a good bagel. This was a weekly event at our house. Over the years I have tried lox many times & I can honestly say I have never had lox as good as...