first smoke

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  1. C

    Maiden rack of ribs

    Just did my first cook on my GMG Peak, 4hrs at 225. Had them bone side down for the first two then wrapped with fresh maple syrup & brown sugar meat side down then open the foil up for the last hour to keep the juices in and little bbq sauce.
  2. Smokin SA

    New to BBQ and keen to get Smokin!

    I have a newly built custom off set smoker & would love some insight as to how best to treat and season it before cooking. The main chamber is an old boiler. Any advice would be greatly appreciated bbq masters?
  3. T

    First smoke fail

    Hey all. Just wanted to share my first experience for some feedback. Took the newsletter recipe for wings and smoked them for about an hour and a half at probably 260 then a quick broil. Working on an electric masterbuilt. Results? 1. Rubber skin - reading some other forum posts should...
  4. W

    Need Advice for First Smoke

    Hi all, new member here. I've been enjoying reading the posts and I'm finally going to take the plunge and try smoking some fish this weekend. My wife bought me a Brinkmann Smoke-n-Grill bullet style smoker, and a coworker recently dropped off a 15 lb chinook salmon. I butchered the salmon and...
  5. S

    First Time Smoke

    I was planning on Christening my new smoker with a brisket this weekend but would it be better to start with something else. I have never smoked before but brisket doesn't seem that difficult from reading but I am sure you all may have a different opinion.
  6. Jammerz

    First Smoke

    Got a Masterbuilt Dual Fuel Smoker for Christmas spent the last week getting it seasoned and prepping to smoke, today is the day to fire the box up. A small pork shoulder (3.7 lbs), used Bob's Pulled Pork recipe marinated for 18 hours. Also going to shoot for a small batch of turkey jerky...