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  1. thirdeye

    Fatties At Sunrise, Breakfast At Ten

    Short story short.... I smoked a couple of lo-n-slo naked fatties around 215° first thing this morning, then wrapped for an hour and made breakfast. They were buy 1 get 1, so a win-win situation.
  2. disco

    Burger Party Fatty

    The pandemic has stopped me having people over. I miss my friends. The silver lining is that it gives me a chance to develop recipes for the day when I can have friends over again. One of the best things to have when friends come over is a great burger. Sadly, in my opinion, great burgers are a...
  3. thirdeye

    Sausage Sliders For Football Pot Luck

    My local watering hole has pot lucks on a few football Sundays, so I smoked some fatties and made sliders on Kings Hawaiian rolls. I usually use Jimmy Dean Regular, and season with cracked pepper and at least one BBQ rub. The logs take right at 3 hours with a pit temp of 225°, to reach...
  4. S

    First post-fatty love.

    hey meatheads, I’m Steve, 32 from NY. New to the forum and figured I’d share a recent heart attack I made. The Italian fatty, one of my favs, ground sweet and hot italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, provolone, olives, roast red peppers, all wrapped in some bacon. Cooked her on the grill low...
  5. fajitapot

    Fatties and Food Safety

    All this talk about fatties has inspired me to make some for the Super Bowl. But I noticed that no one seems to use Cure #1 in their recipes. Why is this?
  6. gmc2003

    Fatties, Part Three the finale- smoked it.

    This is a three part series: Part one is the making of a fattie. Fattie turtorial #1 https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/fatties-a-step-by-step-on-how-i-make-them-including-bacon-weave-this-is-a-two-part-thread.275822/#post-1834218 Part two is the bacon weave: Fattie turtorial #2...
  7. gmc2003

    Fatties, Part two the bacon weave.

    I like the bacon weave as it serves two functions. First it looks good when finished, and second it helps prevent fattie blowouts. Here's how I do mine. First you'll need about pound of bacon. Try to get some that is fairly straight. Thin sliced works better then regular. Unfortunatly I could...
  8. gmc2003

    Fatties, Part one - how I make them

    Hopefully this will explain how I make my fatties. It's very similar to how many others on this site make them - It should be since I learned how to make them here. Please excuse any of my directions that aren't clear(I will reread this in the morning and make corrections). I smoked some wings...