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  1. The Jackal

    Aloha from Oahu

    Long time browser/follower... first time poster. Grew up in FL and TN and have been smoking since I was a teenager. Military brought me to Hawaii and loved it so much decided I couldn't leave. So here I sit, soaking up the surf and sun and good weather and needed something to make my BBQ side...
  2. Y

    Recommendations for Reverse Flow Smokers(Lang, Shirley & Glenn’s Pits)

    I am looking at a few different builders for a new reverse flow pit. I am not new to smoking meat but have never owned a stick burner. I want something that simply works and works well. I am looking for “patio” models to get started and have looked at Lang and Shirley quite a bit; however, I...
  3. S

    New Smoker?

    I am looking in to upgrading from my current rig. I have a basic "Brick and Mortar" store bought smoker my wife got me a little of a year ago. Very cheap, leaks bad (I had to plug the holes up), thin metal, small cooking space etc. I think I have about got all I can out of this one. I am...
  4. FZR650

    My eletric smoker

    I built this beast in the fall. I have used it twice (smoke salmon with scallop were perfect - the brisket was a fail do to heat problems) 36” tall x 24” wide x 18” deep. {I’m looking into kiln wire element connected to a PID unit for heat. Commercial smoker use kiln elements} The smoke is from...