curing bacon

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  1. K

    How much weight it lost from curing and smoking

    If I want to end up with 2 pounds of cured smoked bacon how much should the raw meat weigh before curing and smoking? I am dry curing and hot smoking till internal temp is 150f.
  2. Asi

    First time Dry Curing Bacon nitrite free - Got some questions!

    Hey everyone, lurking around here for the last few days since I started making jerky and bacon lately. Getting your hands on expensive bacon in Israel is extremely hard and very expensive, so I'm making my first bacon. it's dry curing in coarse salt, brown sugar, black pepper, maple syrup...
  3. K

    Curing Pork belly for long is too long to cure in fridge.?

    Good evening all.i have a quick question about curing pork belly in the fridge for bacon.? i have done quite a bit in the last few months,usually i just do a 7 day cure and then smoke them for about three hours but this batch i have in the fridge is at 24 days cured..meat feels really firm.A...
  4. Baconisgoood

    Curing bacon for the first time..

    Hello everyone! Looks like this is the place to get the answers I have been searching for. Thank you in advance for reading and/or replying!! Being a bacon lover I decided to try making it myself cause it seemed to be not very difficult to do. I purchased some pork belly which was cut in slabs...