cooking time

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  1. D

    Brisket and Pork Shoulder on WSM

    Hi all, Newbee here... both in terms of posting here and WSM user! Got a 47cm (18.5") WSM yesterday and seasoned in with a hot clean burn. Planning on cooking a 4KG (8.8lb) packer brisket cut (more flat than point) on top shelf and a 3KG (6.6lb) Pork shoulder on the lower shelf of the WSM...
  2. K

    Help! Two small butts vs one large cooking time?

    OK, I have read a lot of posts and I know that the time that it takes to smoke a pork butt is the time that it takes, no one can say for sure, only go by internal temperature, it will be ready when it is ready. But I have to believe someone can give me a ballpark number. I am responsible for...