commercial equipment

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  1. B

    Large offset cooker for sale Sterling, VA

    All new material minimum 1/4” thick wall 30” diameter x 96” long main chambers Double doors with counter weights Single 160k btu gas’s log lighter Double adjustable smoke stacks Full size heat deflection to control hot spots Heavy duty roof with fold down sides 24”x48” side grill Firebox...
  2. greg downard

    Commercial Fridge guidance?

    Just picked up a commercial refrigerator. Stainless inside and out. Heavy racks all adjustable. Compressor unit was in bottom. Now I am concerned. Wanted to convert to stick burner with external firebox. Estimated temps normally around 250 degrees but could reach 300 to 400 degrees(Not...
  3. L

    4ft by 3ft Custom Built Commercial Propane Grill

    Custom Built Commercial Propane Grill - 36" x 48" carbon steel cooking surface. Designed to prepare 65 hamburgers, 150 hot dogs, 35 chicken halves or small split hog. Grill Sits on 6ft Trailer -Includes 2 20lb Propane tanks (One feeds grill, Other feeds fish cookers) - 2 Fish Cookers Mounted...
  4. bbde

    Southern Pride Electric Smoker

    I'm considering selling a very lightly used (like new) S-200 Southern Pride smoker. It's sitting on a nice stainless roller cart with sheet-pan slots underneath. Location: San Francisco Bay Area. Price: ?? Please PM me if you're interested in making an offer. Shipping: is an option, but...