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  1. S

    Someone to help clean a smoker/Los Angeles area?

    New member, long time smoker. I always "smoked" with a weber until a few years ago I was lucky enough for a friend to gift me a custom built oil drum smoker. Unfortunately this year brought us more rain than usual and it's rusted on the inside. I've searched this forum on how to clean it, but...
  2. old smokey nj

    Disgusting Moldy Smoker - HELP!!!!

    Hello All, I made the mistake of lending my MES to a buddy about 6 months ago. He used it a time or 2, and returned it about a week ago. I just went to fire it up for a smoked venison roast, and, much to my dismay, my buddy never cleaned it. EVERYTHING is covered in mold - walls, shelves, door...