chuck roast dry tough

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  1. DobriDim

    Really late Stall in Chuck

    Hey guys, did this ever happened to you. Last two time i was smoking chuck, i smoke it to round 65-70C (150-160F), put it in Alu foil, put some beef broth in, wrap it, and return to the smoker. It goes on slowly, raising internal temp to round 84C (183-185F), and then it stops, and the meat...
  2. S

    My Chuck Roast Turned into a Rock.

    Hello everyone, So my Chuck Roasts lately have been literately transforming into rocks. So here's the story, I live in Saudi Arabia, my local butcher brings New Zealand chuck roasts every a couple of months. So when the opportunity came once again I bought like 5 chuck roasts froze three of...