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  1. philipc

    Caso Dry Ager 63

    Hi I’m looking at purchasing a dry ager, predominantly for Charcuterie. I had toyed with the idea of converting a fridge/wine cooler but have seen reasonably(ish) priced dry ager from Caso and the external dimensions are a really good fit for me. However, I’ve really struggled to find any...
  2. S

    What size room: Fermenting vs. Curing

    Hi everyone, I want to thank y'all for your insights. After many months of research, asking a lot of questions, I have just a couple that I can't determine. If we're processing about 8 hogs a week, what size room do I need for fermenting and ultimately, what size room do I need to cure the...
  3. S

    How to Set Up a Butcher Shop Meat Processing

    We raise Large Black hogs and American-Kobe beef, and want to start a charcuterie business here on our farm in Shiner, Texas. I cannot find any information on equipment needed, room sizes (for cold storage, fermentation and curing rooms, brining room, etc...) We are looking at processing up to...
  4. B

    My Pepperoni dried way too fast

    Hi, Community! I am new to this forum and this is actually my first post. I hope I am posting it in the correct place. I just tried making my first batch of pepperoni and I believe something went wrong in the process. So I would really appreciate some advice from more experienced people. For...