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  1. A

    Air flow in curing chamber

    Hi All New to the forum and to curing(not cured anything yet). I recently got a fridge to try my hand at building a curing chamber. I understand the basics and have read quite a bit of the information out there. I have a temperature and humidity control (InkBird)with a humidifier and a...
  2. M

    Vertical Reverse Flow smoker build. Calculating proper air flow

    Hello everyone, I am currently in the process of designing a vertical reverse flow smoker. Prior to building I would like to take all steps necessary to make sure I have the proper airflow throughout the entire smoker. Can anyone flood me with suggestions on how to ensure that this happens? The...
  3. agoude

    MES 30 Terrible Smoke Flavor

    So I moved on from my WSM and just bought a MES 30, 135S to be exact, based on my research here it may be a hybrid unit? Regardless, I've done 2 smokes both came out looking great and juicy but had a not so great smoke profile. I used apple wood, dry chips, the first time on Salmon and it came...