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    Bradley 6 rack digital smoker spare parts

    Hi. Ive had a small problem with my smoker and o need some spare parts. My question is if i buy spare parts from the U.S. are they compatible with European models? Thanks.
  2. vecchiobob

    Pit master classes in Europe or UK.

    Hi from Spain. I have been in the bar and restaurant trade all my life. Self employed for the last 25 years. Working in Italy for 20 years,Ireland and now in Spain. I have been a long time BBQ'er. We would make our own sausage and salame. Home smoking fish and meats for our menu. We use 2...
  3. vecchiobob

    500 Gallon Fat Tank Reverse Flow Build

    Good luck with the build.
  4. vecchiobob

    My first RF smoker build from a propane tank

    Congratulations on your smokerand thanks for the photos. Best of luck to you.
  5. vecchiobob

    Has anyone built their own smoker??

    Thanks clipol
  6. vecchiobob

    Smoking in Texas

    Cead mille failte..... (a thousand welcomes)
  7. vecchiobob


    Congratulations on a fantastic smoke house and thanks for all the pictures.
  8. vecchiobob

    Has anyone built their own smoker??

    I found something on outdoorcook. It's a British web site.
  9. vecchiobob

    Has anyone built their own smoker??

    I was thinking of buying a new smoker and whilst chatting with Danny he suggested why not try and build my own. I like the idea of a wooden one but I think I will go electric for cooking using an electric element.
  10. vecchiobob

    Chicken Leg Quarters+Brine+Qview

    Thanks Dude I'll be giving this a go
  11. vecchiobob

    Newbie to "true smoking" from Stuttgart, Germany!

    Welcome Have you augustiner pilsner yet?? It's made in Munich.
  12. vecchiobob

    Irish smoke

    Thanks very much. love the setup .......do you just cold smoke the chicken fillets??
  13. vecchiobob

    Calling all Smoke Hollow owners!

    We will definitely check it out
  14. vecchiobob

    Hello everyone from Ireland

    I won't have a problem with the valves as a friend of mine will change all that whe I get it to the emerald isle.
  15. vecchiobob

    Irish smoke

    Hi Ben I am living in westport co mayo with my girlfriend. We have an Italian restaurant called 'enoteca' you can find us on Facebook just search for "enoteca westport". I myself have lived in Italy for 20 years. I have 2 grills at the moment. My trusty webber and an offset smoker.
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