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    Members Mark Propane Smoker

    Seems to me when I bought mine...they were $780, then when Sam's couldn't move them they eventually came down to $450, at which time I bought one...still have it and use it a couple times a week...in fact I'm doing 20 lb. of canadian bacon tomorrow...I love mine!! Had it now for probably 9-10...
  2. up in smoke

    How to determine what I want my rub to taste like?

    You might try getting really basic and build over taste sessions. I am still a firm believer that steak tastes best with just salt and pepper! That being said, start simple with spices and herbs you like and tweak. You could also buy commercial rubs you find interesting and check their...
  3. up in smoke

    What was your very first smoker?

    I too had the Brinkman electric bullet! Although I preferred to call it fire engine red! It was a convenient lil smoker, and after I modded it a bit and built an enclosure for it (I lived in Pittburgh then), it did a pretty nice job until I desired more smoking real estate, so I got myself...
  4. up in smoke

    Big compliment

    cmanya...May a lifetime supply of Copper River salmon find it's way to your table for all time...
  5. up in smoke

    Big compliment

    Woah!! That looks incredible!!!!! Yummmmmm! Love salmon (any way...every day!) Is there perchance,  a recipe for those nuggets...pray tell?
  6. up in smoke

    Sweet N Spicy Grilled Thighs

    Those look really tasty...he thighed
  7. up in smoke

    HELP! It's 10:40 a.m. What Can I Smoke? UPDATED with Q-View!

    pretty much anything short of a brisket or butt....how about hot smoked salmon, country style ribs or a nice pork tenderloin...?
  8. up in smoke

    Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"

    Best dang beans I ever et!! Been using Dutch's recipe for several years now and get virtually pummeled with compliments every time I prepare it (I like to use jowl bacon myself and max the heat potential)...the heck with those kids and old folks! More for me!! Hee! Thanks Dutch!!
  9. up in smoke

    First Smoked Pork Loin

    Nice job coalpusher....looks mighty tasty! Y'now... you can make Canadian bacon out of that same cut of meat, if ya cure it for about a week in the fridge before you smoke it! Just sayin'!
  10. up in smoke

    what lean pork cut for tacos?

    Heck, just grill/smoke some pork tenderloins (97% fat free), they are usually 1 to 2 pounds each. They usually come shrink wrapped. You can get them already seasoned or plain....I have seen southwest seasoned, which would be great for tacos. Just place on grill with a few wood chunks to flavor...
  11. up in smoke

    does anyone use store bought rubs or spice or BBQ sauce???

    There are lots out there and I have used a ton, however I also used to buy parmesan cheese in a shaker can...I just prefer fresh ground pepper and my own grown herbs and such, plus I'm not a big salt person. That being said, my rubs are much more economical than store bought! Guess my Scottish...
  12. up in smoke

    Buffalo Blue pulled Chicken sandwees!!!

    Now that's a fine lookin' sammich!!! Yes indeedy!! Well done!!
  13. up in smoke

    Dang Good Salsa! Not for sissies!

    Sounds great!.. although I might have to add a Caribbean red or two (habbie) for a bit of fruitiness! Needless to say I will definitely be trying this recipe....thanks!!
  14. up in smoke

    Pulled pork oops, will anyone notice?

    Great looking pork! I too have a penchant for sweet Hungarian paprika. I really had to hunt for that red can down here in Alabama. I sure miss when I lived in Natrona Heights popping into Con Yeagers in Zeli for my spices and sausage materials! But at least I still order online from them....but...
  15. up in smoke

    Memorial Day Chicken Wings w/ Qview

    Looks great...probably should have doubled that. You'll have to once the word gets out! Hee!
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