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    bar-b-chef baffle and tuning plates....

    I do not recall what the thickness is. I believe I bought them from HD and they were already pre cut. They are not thin and easy to bend.
  2. steamboatwilly

    Daytona pork shots

    they look really tasty, I will have to give them a try once the snow clears up.
  3. steamboatwilly

    John from Dino BBQ

    They had this video on yahoo about grilling ribs. I know people are asking questions. Good overview to visually see someone else's process.
  4. steamboatwilly

    Help did i just mess up my new MES 40!

    what happens when you take the ceramic tile out?does the smoke stop coming out the seam? Does the bulge go away?
  5. steamboatwilly

    time to do another fattie. "Steak-umm"

    gonna give this a try this weekend. thx for the q view
  6. steamboatwilly

    Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum grill

    i think this concept is the cats meow. The time and craftsmanship it took to create and build something so awesome. This is just something cool to add to the portfolio.
  7. steamboatwilly

    bar-b-chef baffle and tuning plates....

    yup, i did exactly that. I did a pork butt this weekend and made some pulled pork. Some of the best stuff i have ever made. Wife wont stop telling me how good it was. We tried slaw on the pulled pork, no sauce at all. We are both hooked!! Yes i have pics. Now my observations that i made for...
  8. steamboatwilly

    Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum grill

    this is the most bad ass thing i have ever seen. finally a decent article on yahoo.com http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/bbq-grill-modeled-smoking-500-magnum-revolver-171050053.html
  9. GunGrill.jpg


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    Just got my cookbook that Jeff created

    yea, let us know what you think. Its always good to have reference material. One cannot rely solely on the web.
  11. steamboatwilly

    Picnic shoulder (pulled pork) Question

    cool, i will give it a shot. Did you drown it in the sauce or just a light squirt?
  12. steamboatwilly

    Picnic shoulder (pulled pork) Question

    I gotta find that finishing sauce recipe... that does look tasty. I think pulling it is half the fun of the whole process. That beautiful aroma!
  13. steamboatwilly

    HELP - Smoking a Pork Shoulder and my grill Temp fell to 130-150 degrees overnight.

    this piece of information is invaluable. I would have not put it into perspective i guess. It makes sense though.
  14. steamboatwilly

    bar-b-chef baffle and tuning plates....

    I did the smokey fire and it really had just a few little leaks, nothing to freak out about. The seal that i made improved it huge.  I drilled 15 3/8 inch holes through out the piece of steel. I did 5 rows of 3 holes. Semi evenly spaced. i got some nuts and bolts and put them on the charcoal...
  15. steamboatwilly

    Combo LP grill & charcoal smoker?

    i own the little brother to this unit. Got some pics in my profile. I was searching for info on my unit and found this thread. Back to life!!
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