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  1. starsfaninco

    Repainting a GOSM big block

    Awesome! Thanks guys. Harbor Freight is just around the corner from my office. I'll be swinging by there this weekend.
  2. starsfaninco

    Beer, VWs, BBQ, HAM Radio, and Guitars

    Welcome from KD0AID. I've done all of the above with the exception of beer making, but I've drank enough of to fit in with those that do make it :)
  3. starsfaninco

    Repainting a GOSM big block

    Anyone done this, have suggestions? Mine is starting to see some weather damage and I'd like to proactively fix any problems before they start. Do I need to take it down to bare metal? Prime it? High heat paint? I'm not a painter and the best I've ever done is krylon stuff, so any...
  4. starsfaninco

    I'm back

    Been away from the forums for a while due to some major changes in my life. I bought my first house, and I'm getting married. While I still smoked during this time, I just haven't had the time to get online much. Anyway, things are slowing down for me and I found this was one of the places I...
  5. starsfaninco

    Lord Stanley!

    I noticed this, but I have a different take on it. I think instead of booing Pitt, they were booing Bettman. It's well known no one likes him or what he's done to the game.
  6. starsfaninco

    Happy Birthday randya & StarsFaninCo

    Thanks for the well wishes folks. I did indeed have a good birthday. As a belated present, I will be getting a Primo XL Oval and a BBQ Guru. We've been putting it off for over a year now, but I think it's finally gonna happen. Once I have it all set up, I'll post some pictures. I've been...
  7. starsfaninco

    Lord Stanley!

    Dan, As an impartial judge (ya know I love the Stars, we can talk about the new coach and such at another time), I think the Wings got hosed overall in the series. Horrible officiating, a noticeable bias, and we won't mention moving the start dates. But in Game 7, the Wings were just flat...
  8. starsfaninco

    loss of a good man

    RIP Terry. Shocking news.
  9. starsfaninco

    I'll be away for a bit-

    Condolences Dutch. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  10. starsfaninco

    Happily unemployed :)

    No, I worked for a telecom that seems to want to ship all of the IT work off shore. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I'm pretty optimistic about job opportunities, but honestly who knows. If I'm not working inside of two months I'll be pretty worried, not to mention very tired of doing...
  11. starsfaninco

    Happily unemployed :)

    Well I finally got my wish. I took a lay off package from the hell hole that was my job on Tuesday a week ago. I really don't know how you retired people do it. I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger doing all the stuff I never had time to do when I was working. I've got 7 months of...
  12. starsfaninco

    Red Wings Fans

    I just would have thought, knowing you can have any band in the world to help you raise the banner, ya choose Def Leppard? Actually I guess it was VS choice so I'll let it go at that. I've been hungry for hockey for about 2 months now. Your boys look strong on paper for sure. I'm certainly...
  13. starsfaninco

    Red Wings Fans

    All I'm gonna say is Def Leppard. Welcome to the new season, let's hope it's broadcast in HD for every game :)
  14. starsfaninco

    Howdy from over here in Oregon

    Welcome aboard Jason. Back in 91, I had a shipmate from Grant's Pass. I spent several long weekends and a couple weeks there while I was stationed in Alameda, CA. Beautiful country, helped me make my decision to move to the mountains when I 'grew up'. One of my favorite memories of my...
  15. starsfaninco

    El cheapo digital thermo they're better than you think

    yes, the theme park from 'Vacation' was "Walley World"
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