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    In for the LONG haul with pics

    You are totally correct on that, But it takes a BUNCH to feed 10 people and have some left overs, That's why i smoked 2 18# turkeys to take. The 16# will feed 4.
  2. In for the LONG haul with pics

    In for the LONG haul with pics

  3. 18#2 12-14.JPG

    18#2 12-14.JPG

  4. 18# 12-14.JPG

    18# 12-14.JPG

  5. 16# 12-14.JPG

    16# 12-14.JPG

  6. sprky

    20 pounds of venison summer sausage for the holidays

    Very nice looking sausage you got there. I'll Pm you my address so you can ship it to me for inspection.
  7. sprky

    In for the LONG haul with pics

    Well I am 9 hours into what I calculate to be around a 28 hour smoke. I am smoking 3 turkeys for Christmas 2 18# and a 16#. These have to be smoked by Monday. The 2 18# will go to Colorado on Monday, the 16 will remain at home. Our daughter cant come here for Christmas, so the wife myself and 1...
  8. sprky

    Need to cook 30 slabs by tuesday 1030 a.m.

    Only suggestion I have is use rib racks, or multiple layers of grates. One other thought do them in batches and reheat in oven.
  9. sprky

    Never, EVER, grab the wrong end of an Amazen smoke tube!

    I know EXACTLY what your saying. I had the imprint of my smoke tube on the palm of my hand and fingers.  Took it out of the smoker using an oven mitt set it on the grill, took mitt off to open the pellets container to refill it and then grabbed the tube. The bad thing is I didn't feel it right...
  10. sprky

    Bitter very smokey taste

    Normally when you get a Bitter tasting smoked meat it is creosote on the meat.  If you get a numb/tingling feeling in your mouth or tongue its definitely creosote. There are several things that can cause this; 1. stale smoke IE smoke not moving threw the smoker. 2. smoke too thick/ too much...
  11. sprky

    Smoking a Turkey for the 1st Time and need help!

    Hope this helps ya out.
  12. sprky

    Pop up thermometers in turkeys, leave in ???

    I also always leave them in, to keep the juices in. Those pop ups are SOOOOOOOO unreliable I would never trust 1. Case in point I have had them pop well before the 165 I pull my turkeys at. I place my maverick 732 probe in the turkeys after 4 hours in the smoker, I have seen the pop up out at...
  13. sprky

    732 issue

    I'm with the others, I'd be contacting them again. I got good customer service from them. I lost my bracket for the smoker temp, I told them I had lost it and wanted to get it replaced. The gal took all my info and said she would get back to me as there wasn't a price listed for it. About a week...
  14. sprky

    gas burner losing flame over time

    Try running the burner out of the smoker. If it burns fine then its most likley an oxygen issue which I too am betting on. Another thought is try running it with the door wide open.
  15. sprky

    First time smoking turkey

    Very nice looking Bird
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