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  1. socalq

    Camp Chef PG24LS Pellet Grill Smoker

    For those of you who have added gasket material around the door...I've heard that the unit produces LESS  smoke with a gasket. What has your experience been? Thanks!
  2. socalq

    Safely Defrosting Brisket

    Thanks, all!
  3. socalq

    Safely Defrosting Brisket

    I have a frozen 12 lb vacuum-packed brisket packer that I'd like to smoke Friday night. In a perfect world, I would want to have the meat defrosted by Friday morning so I can rub and inject it. I don't think it will be defrosted in 24 hours if I let it sit in the refrigerator. What's the...
  4. socalq

    WSM Sticky Lid

    Overground -- Are you able to clean up the Nomex after a cook? Thanks!
  5. socalq

    WSM Sticky Lid

    That's the frustrating part...when I start a cook, the lips on the lid and center section are clean as can be (partially due to steam cleaning and partially due to cleaning after a cook when the smoker is still warm).  Yet, almost inevitably the lid still sticks!  Grrrr....
  6. socalq

    WSM Sticky Lid

    Do you have a picture of how you did this? Thanks!
  7. socalq

    WSM Sticky Lid

    I'll check to see....
  8. socalq

    WSM Sticky Lid

    I get the lid and center section groove REALLY clean with a steam cleaner, and it still sticks the next time I cook. Maybe I'll try wiping it with vinegar next time I clean it...
  9. socalq

    WSM Sticky Lid

    I agree...to a point. But too much of a "good thing" can be a bad thing. Since I'm monitoring the temps remotely, I don't have to open the lid a lot, but I do like to open it to wrap the meat and also to probe it as it starts getting near 195-200*.
  10. socalq

    WSM Sticky Lid

    Yes. I only started cleaning when the lid became SO sticky that I literally had to use every ounce of strength to get it open. I generally smoke brisket, which is pretty fatty, so it makes sense that there would be a lot of grease build-up that would cause the lid to stick.
  11. socalq

    WSM Sticky Lid

    Friends: I have a Weber Smokey Mountain, and in just about every cook the lid gets so sticky that it's almost impossible to open. I regularly clean the lip of the smoker body and the lip of the lid with a steam cleaner, and when I'm done they are as clean as new. What I suspect is happening is...
  12. socalq

    First brisket, looking for any pointers - Now adding Q-View

    Go easy on the Montreal Steak rub. I overdid it once, and the brisket was inedible, with no bark. Good luck!
  13. socalq

    Pastrami From Corned Beef on the Smokin-It # 3

    With hindsight, what would you have done differently to make it less salty? The last time I tried to smoke a corned beef, it came out REALLY salty, and I rinsed it several times before smoking. Looks great!!  Nice job.
  14. socalq

    Smoked Cod?

    I did not use any liquid, and the result was that the fish was a bit dry. Next time I'll try it with some sort of liquid in the water bowl. I don't remember which wood I used, but it was of the more mild variety (cherry or apple, I think). I didn't want the smoke to overpower the fish. Even...
  15. socalq

    Best method to light lump?

    That's exactly how I start briquettes, but was wondering if there was another (or better) method for lump. Thanks for your comments!
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