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    Grinder Question

    Thank you all for your input. I am really looking forward to getting into the sausage. Yall have helped me alot. Now all i have to do is make up my mind and jump in with both feet.Thanks again i new i could count on each and everyone. This place is AWSOME!!!!!!!
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    Grinder Question

    As I well know there are a lot of great sausage makers hanging around here, I have a couple of questions for them. What is the grinder of choice? Do you need a sausage stuffer or can you use the grinder to stuff the casings? Any help would be great...
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    Potato soup recipe?

    The recipe you are looking for was posted by BIG RED Q. That is some awsome soup, we have it at least twice a month.
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    Need Wood

    Good Mornin I am going to be in and around Eufaula Ok this next week and was wondering if anybody could tell me where i might be able to pick up about a half a truck load of seasoned pecan?
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    E- Course

    I sent jeff a pm last night and when i got on tonight he had sent me the whole course in a PDF file, it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Again
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    E- Course

    Thank you I just sent him a PM so i will wait to see what happens.
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    E- Course

    :( I have signed up for the e-course three times and all i get is a blank e-mail. Can anybody give me some help on this matter?
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    smoker type

    I dont right at the moment but i will try to get some taken this weekend and get them posted. :oops:
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    5 Day e_course

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    5 Day e_course

    :shock: Can antbody tell me how to sign up and take JEFF'S 5 day course.
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    smoker type

    The smoke stack is 4" and is located at the top of the chamber, but I have a piece of 6" channel located inside the chamber because I realized that the stack needed to be in the middle. I use seasoned hickory. That is all of the wood that I am able to find so far, and I get that from Oklahoma...
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    new year

    HAPPY new year to each and everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
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    Hello From Snowy NM

    Thanks for all the welcomes, i will get some pics soon and get them posted with a littli more detail about my smoker. I have really enjoyed.
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    It's PigCicles' Birthday!!

    Happy b-day!!! May your cup and your smoker be full!!
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    smoker type

    Thanks for the welcome to this forum. I have never done anything like this befor, so bare with me. I had a question as to what type of smoker i use. I use a homemade horizontal with a offset firebox. It was constructed out of a piece of 24" pipe. The smoker itself is 48" long. The firebox is...
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