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    My cousin is the greatest

    Yummy!! Giving me ideas for this weekend!
  2. SmokinGame

    October Throwdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I volunteer for taste testing!
  3. SmokinGame

    Pellet grill winter prep and winter cooking

    I am like Mr_Whipple, I run mine year round here in Indiana ... if temps are above ~20F. Only reason I say above 20F is that when colder than that I am enjoying a good stew or soup! LOL Although my deck isn't covered, I do have a couple patio umbrellas that are great for keeping light rain or...
  4. SmokinGame

    Jalapeno slim jims

    I am ready to give those my taste test. Great looking hunting snack.
  5. SmokinGame

    And Today Is.................

  6. SmokinGame

    Storing Homemade BBQ Sauce

    Depending upon how much you make, another option is to can it, just like salsa, tomatoes, etc. Little more effort, but if you are making a very large batch may be an option to think about. Shelf life probably in 12 months range.
  7. SmokinGame

    Fatties At Sunrise, Breakfast At Ten

    What a breakfast! And I had oatmeal. :emoji_frowning2:
  8. SmokinGame

    Beef Ribs

    Yummy! Looks fantastic. Nice job. We smoked some beef short ribs, but in my haste to devour, photos were overlooked.
  9. SmokinGame

    First brisket (I busted my Cherry)

    Delicious!! Too bad I can't make it there in time for the slicing. Would love a taste of that.
  10. SmokinGame

    Maybe Relocating (Again)

    Congrats to your daughter ... and to you. Lexington area. I have 2 sisters living 20-30 miles south of there.
  11. SmokinGame

    And then the fight started

    Great ones! I think I have been part of some of those.
  12. SmokinGame

    Ash in my Camp Chef

    I have used Lumberjack, Camp Chef, Traeger, etc. pellets and am now using mostly Bear Mountain. All seem to have similar ash build up. Like others, I vacuum out mine after 3-4 cooks, somewhat dependent upon how long those cooks are. For me the "ash cup" on my Camp Chef is used to collect...
  13. SmokinGame

    Brisket Time Again

    Looking good!! Best get some shut-eye. You'll be busy tomorrow enjoying that feast.
  14. SmokinGame

    Pre 4th Brisket

    It's ready to go on the Camp Chef. Only my second brisket smoke. Rub is mixture of SPOG with little coriander. This baby was 19+ before trim. Little bigger than I wanted but you go with the market availability. I believe there will be some left overs. And of course this is hard work and I...
  15. SmokinGame

    Apple wood, cherry, oak mix for smoking

    Like Ben, I wish my palate was sensitive enough to detect the differences. I can tell the difference between mesquite and the fruit woods, but that seems t be my limit. I do tend to keep to the fruit woods for chicken, but never mixed them. Having said that, saw that some people were using...
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