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  1. smokeys dad

    Buying wood? Where/what/how much to buy?

    My Sister has some land with an old un-tended orchard. If A tree dies, how long is the wood good for? If you cut live limbs, how long do you keep them?
  2. smokeys dad

    Anyone convert LP to Nat gas?

    Natural Gas has less than half the BTU content of LPG (propane) You'll need a larger Dia. orifice to use Natural gas as a fuel. The Area of the hole (in the orifice) should a little more than double. That does not mean the Dia. or Radius is doubled. The Area is doubled. Area = 3.14 X...
  3. smokeys dad

    Controller for electric smoker

    I got several Temp controllers from Ebay, Same with the (SSR's)Solid State Relays. All my High-Temp Wiring came from the Electric Range I salvaged to make it. I got the range for free!! I called a Local appliance dealer (Maytag) and asked for an old broken unit. Didnt care what color ar shape...
  4. smokeys dad

    The Wookie

    Thanks Cheech! The Wookie has great capacity.!! I'd like to start a new project but after My wife accused me of giving our Dryer the Eye the other day it might not be so smart. Plus, She just gave birth last Monday and seems to think that's more important than spending all my spare time...
  5. smokeys dad

    The Wookie

    WAY COOL! What Temperature will it keep with just the element under the chips on? Did you have any problem with the door seal? Does it ever stick? How do you regulate the air flow? How do you know when it's "right"?
  6. smokeys dad

    I just built a "lectric" smoker

    Here's some pics of the inside. The Temperature will hold about 150-175 F with just the wood chips and the small element that starts them up. (which can be switched off or turned down) With the Digital Controller and main element only it will hold setpoint within a degree or so from ambient to...
  7. smokeys dad

    I just built a "lectric" smoker

    First Smoker I ever built, Seems to work well. The local Maytag store donated an Electric Stove. Tore Down the Stove, re-used the 230 VAC Broiler element (re-mounted vertically and powered by 115 VAC) to maintain the setpoint via a digital controller and an SSR (Solid State Relay) Aw Heck, like...
  8. smokeys dad

    Hello Everybody!

    I've had a few Brinkman Bullets over the years, but newer had 10 + Hours to sit and tend the ever-changing temperature, and in Oklahoma, the weather sometimes has problems keeping steady as well. At work, Some guys went together on a small "Bradley Smoker" It is electric, small, but digitally...
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