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  1. sirsquatch

    Prime Brisket for Sunday

    And the result! Not bad, I need to work on my slicing skills for brisket, went a bit too thick on these. Flavor and texture were right where I want them, guests all went back for seconds so that's a good sign in my book. 
  2. sirsquatch

    Prime Brisket for Sunday

    Alright, almost there! Off the Egg and resting until I wrap it back up and FTC until it's eatin' time. I think I did a better job letting it keep going until truly probe tender vs my first attempt. We will see how it goes.   
  3. sirsquatch

    Prime Brisket for Sunday

    This is how we are at 8am. Sitting at 170 since 3am, so I decided to bite the bullet and wrap. I'd really like to get some butcher paper and see for myself how different that comes vs foil vs naked. 
  4. sirsquatch

    Prime Brisket for Sunday

    This is my second brisket, and first Prime I've ever done, started out at 14.77lbs, I didn't weigh it after trimming but I'd guess it is around 12lbs now. Plan is 250-275 range all night and hoping to eat around 3pm tomorrow, using a combo of Oak and Hickory. I am still undecided on wrapping, I...
  5. sirsquatch


    I knew I had seen somewhere here brine a brisket before. They used Buttermilk, looked like a cool experiment.  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/257417/buttermilk-brisket-brine
  6. sirsquatch

    Wagyu Brisket

    Yeah I know I'm not the first to say it (I had to learn that from somewhere, I just can't remember where) but it's definitely key.  Also in reading my post it reads a bit argumentative with you, that wasn't my intention and hopefully didn't come across that way to you. Squatch
  7. sirsquatch

    Wagyu Brisket

    Which is why it's important to let the brisket rest before wrapping it and placing it in the cooler. For me, the wrapping/cooler isn't to keep cooking it/make some magic happen, it's because I'm always going to err on the side of done early, in case the cow is uncooperative and take 18 hours to...
  8. sirsquatch

    Wagyu Brisket

    I say go with the plan you seem to have set. It may cook faster, it may not. Like you mention, probe tender in the thickest part of the flat is what you are looking for. Keep the point end on the hotter side of your smoker.  Make sure to let it cool down for a bit before wrapping/re-wrapping and...
  9. sirsquatch

    First brisket help

    My only suggestions are to ignore the point, test the thickest part of the flat for tenderness (and don't worry too much about temp). Once you can poke it without resistance, pull it, let it sit for 20ish minutes (to stop it the cooking, and to tease anyone around with the goodness they can't...
  10. sirsquatch

    First Time Brisket Help

    I've pulled a wrapped brisket out of a cooler after 6 hours and it was still hot. Finish earlier than you think you need to, it will sit just fine and you'll feel in less of a panic when you're cooking. 
  11. sirsquatch

    Dry-Aged Prime Rib Roast & Steaks + Illustrations & Comments from Multiple SMF Members

    Besides aesthetics, is there a purpose to trimming? Isn't that just super concentrated flavor? I know it's likely to be tougher than the sliced pieces, just wondering if there are any safety reasons to do it, or if it's just what everyone does, so everyone does it.
  12. sirsquatch

    1st Brisket this weekend.

    I can only speak to cooking it on the Egg, and I've only done it once so take this with a nice big saltpig. Foil or no foil? Foil if you get short on time, otherwise let it ride! Inject?  Spritz? Neither if cooking on the Egg Leave the point on, or cut it off for burnt ends? I prefer to...
  13. sirsquatch

    brisket help

    If you have a membership, check your local Costco and see if they carry Prime Packer Brisket. Unfortuntly here in the DC area they don't, but very good deal if yours does. 
  14. Brisket Chili

    Brisket Chili

  15. sirsquatch

    Brisket Chili

    This was my first shot at using a brisket for chili. I had a ~4lb piece of point that I had no plans for, so I threw it on the Egg with hickory and apple. It stayed in the 240-260 range. Simple light salt and pepper seasoning I threw a couple heads of garlic on as well to smoke Took...
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