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    Secret to Loading Vaucum Seal Bags without a Mess

    I too use a simple cottage cheese or yogurt container and cut the bottom off. --SiletzSpey
  2. siletzspey

    Question about smoking wings!

    The following article suggests pinkness with wings is bone marrow seepage that occurs with younger porous chicken bones. http://www.hi-tm.com/Documents/Bloody-chik.html --SiletzSpey
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    My Wife is having Co-Workers Over

    Timely discussion. I may be doing brisket and pulled-pork for a large group, and was hoping to smoke the meats the weekend prior. For brisket, can I fridge and then slow-reheat the meat in the original crutch foil and juices? Or should I fridge the meat and juices separately? I'm also wondering...
  4. siletzspey

    The nitty gritty of foiling?!

    When foiling, I use 2 layers of heavy-duty and extra-wide foil to form a cupping boat for the meat and liquid. Then I use 2 layers of regular-thickness regular-width foil to put a deck atop the boat and meat, rolling the edges together as you might expect. An end-view of the boat with heavy foil...
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    Should I use a water pan

    I always thought the water pan was mostly about "thermal mass" for averaging out and controlling temperature. Indirect heat and moisture have always been secondary considerations for me, but I haven't yet pulled the water to see. --SiletzSpey
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    Grate cleaning pan

    Elsewhere I saw someone recommend Tide for grease cutting, but I limited my use to an hour-long pre-soak in hot water, then switched to Dawn for the scrub down. I don't know if Tide added much, but the crud practically slipped off when touched. --SiletzSpey
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    Grate cleaning pan

    You nailed it. The Siletz River on the Oregon Coast is my favorite, and when I chase steelhead (sea-run rainbow trout) and salmon, I often do so with flies and rods that trace their style to the River Spey in NE Scotland circa the 1800s. For what its worth, flies of old were often tied with...
  8. Flies - Siletz Spey copy.jpg

    Flies - Siletz Spey copy.jpg

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    Grate cleaning pan

    The pans come in various diameters, including much bigger than my 26ID/28OD. Forgot to mention. Also measure your counter-top depth. I think 25" deep is a standard counter-top depth, so at 26ID/28OD, my pan hung over the edge. My hand-sprayer hose was also a little short to reach over the pan...
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    Question about smoking wings!

    Sorry for the gnarly chowed-on picture, but I'm getting pink in the wings too, so I thought I'd post for feedback. As purchased they were pre-cut and injected, and I cooked 8-lbs of them in a WSM at 225-250 for 2-1/2 hours without peeking!  I did not take any internal temps. --SiletzSpey
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    Grate cleaning pan

    Follow-up... The drain outlet with removable plug turned out to be very useful. With plug in, I soaked the grates in soap (Tide), then pulled to drain most of the water into the sink. I had to tilt the pan to drain all the water. It was great being able to rub-n-scrub on a flat surface. All in...
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    When do you separate the flat from the point?

    Where to cut for separation may not be obvious when in-the-raw (I haven't done it), but once cooked, its real easy to find the buttery-soft fat seam and slice it apart. Alblancher says you can use the back edge of a knife, and its true. Its also easy to scrape away the seam fat prior to serving...
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