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    Couple of Quick Ribeyes on the Rec Tec w/Qview!

    Hey kp...sorry I just saw this question. I actually sold that Rec Tec several years ago. To be honest, I really don’t remember what size those Grill Grates were...At the time, I ordered them directly from RT, and they were custom cut to fit my cooker. I’m sure Rec Tec still sells them cut to...
  2. seenred

    Whole Turkey Breast Question

    Hello runway1... You'll likely get a mixed bag of replies...I've done both a brine and an injection in turkey breasts -both with good results. My best advice is to try both, and then decide which works best for you. I personally prefer an injection concoction that includes Tony Chacheres...
  3. seenred

    Help selecting an offset smoker for Dad’s birthday

    There’s a custom pit builder in Tulsa (which may or may not qualify as “local” for you) called Bellfab. Nice guy and builds quality pits at very reasonable prices. I’ve never seen a bad word written about Lone Star Grillz, and seeing as how they’re a Texas outfit, they might be your best bet...
  4. seenred

    Happy Birth Day Bear

    Sorry for being late to the party but happy birthday John! Red
  5. seenred

    Great auction score of 1/4" sheet steel!

    I know what you mean about the cost of the name brand plasma cutters. I’d love to own a Hypertherm, but they’re way out of my price range! I understand your reservations about the “lesser” brands, but you might at least take a look at Primeweld plasma cutters. I’ve owned one for more 3 years...
  6. seenred

    Jim Beam for Flavoring, or is There a Better Brand?

    I’m with Tag0401...I like to enhance the flavor of a splash of water with a healthy shot of Jim! JB is my go to bourbon, but only because Knob Creek is so friggin expensive! :emoji_sunglasses: I’ve used it in glazes and sauces from time to time...but it’s not standard practice for me - I’d...
  7. seenred

    Elk Steak, Portabellas And Asparagus!!

    Justin! Howdy Brother...long time! Man, all that grub looks terrific my friend! It's hard to beat a grilled elk steak...Nicely done! Red
  8. seenred

    Carolina Gold Wings

    Howdy Case, been a while Brother! Those wings look terrific...nicely done! That glaze is now on my “to do” list, although mine might end up with a splash of bourbon instead of rye. :emoji_sunglasses: Thanks for sharing that recipe! Red
  9. seenred

    Hello from FL

    Howdy phanman, and welcome aboard! Thank you, sir, for your service! Red
  10. seenred

    Just a briskey

    Hey Adam! That looks terrific Man...Nicely done! Like! Red
  11. seenred


    Sad news indeed. Pops was one of the old guard...a great mentor here and a gentleman. I learned a lot from him. These forums won’t be the same without him. Rest In Peace Old Friend... Red
  12. seenred

    Marinated smoked shrimps

    Looks terrific! I'm with you - smoked shrimp are delicious! Red
  13. seenred

    Boston Butt. (Pulled Pork @ 275° Smoker Temp) 8-8-20

    Looks terrific Bear! Who doesn't love a good pulled pork sammie! You certainly ate good all week! Like! Red
  14. seenred

    Gravity Charcoal Max Temp

    I don’t claim to know much more than I’ve seen and read about those MB 560s, but It’s my understanding that the design is significantly different than most vertical cabinet gravity feed smokers. Isn’t it built to do both low and slow smoking and high temp searing/grilling? I’ve owned a couple...
  15. seenred


    Everything looks terrific Gary! Your bunch sure ate good! Big like! Red
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