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    Bhut Jolokia pepper

    I have six plants growing in planters right now. I bring them in for the winter and put them in my grow room (with my other plants) They just keep growing and putting out peppers. I do change the lights to 18 hours when they slow down. Then after a month down to 12 to trick them into more fruit
  2. samaridad

    I got Hab dust all over me!

    I found that smoking the peppers first before dehydrating the peppers that they take on more smoke flavor. I never seed my peppers ( they are good for you)
  3. samaridad

    MES 40 Building up pressure

    sorry guys I'm new (I figured how to post a video) Thanks for your help
  4. samaridad

    MES 40 Building up pressure

    i sent this clip to MB last week they got back to me wanting the model and serial # Im sure they will figure it out. They have the best customer service.....
  5. samaridad

    MES 40 Building up pressure

    thanks todd need to order your new pellet amns (dang You) lol just need the newest model.
  6. samaridad

    MES 40 Building up pressure

    check out this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz7UjdCPc6Y  
  7. samaridad

    MES 40 Building up pressure

    the chip loader is in place (full insertion) the door is closed and I saw the explosion of smoke on the back deck. It was raining so dont know if that changed anything. Unit under the barbecue awning. the door seal is fine. Checked with a dollar bill.
  8. samaridad

    MES 40 Building up pressure

    Has anyone else had your unit build up pressure from wood chips then blow pressure out the wood chip loader. The top vent is wide open. and smoke blows out there also. model number 20070211 from Sam's. The retro smoke box is not installed yet. I took a video of this not sure how to post to...
  9. samaridad

    MES 40 & adding a Ceramic Tile

    I would like to know about the tile placement also. I received my retro kit for mes40 smoke box, thought I would get a new chip loader too !
  10. samaridad

    Old VS New MES 40

    Thanks for rhe info on the meat probe. We would like an update how did your foil work out and no water in the tray. Welcome back
  11. samaridad

    Beef Rib Roast, Chicken & "Bacon kabobs" in my new MES 40 & Newer AMNPS -- Qview

    great job. Have to go to butcher shop NOW ! Thanks for the great pictures. Will the Amns use dust too ?
  12. samaridad

    Masterbuilt Electric Smoker - First Timer

    Welcome your in the right place. I have the mes40 (when not doing wood ) I heat mine to 275 then open and install the soon to be great Q. heat back to 275 which helps get the ball rolling.( and gets you out of the danger zone) I do not soak my chips. I then dump half a load a load of chips. once...
  13. samaridad

    And it starts!!!! QView!!!

    nice start. when do we get an invite for some Q.. .Its all about sharing ! info and food....
  14. samaridad

    Im glad i have good neighbors to take these vegetables

    organic gets them every time !
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