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  1. Sal Barsanti

    Can you smoke pork ribs & a beef bone in rib roast together???

    I pulled the ribs at 3 hrs. They turned out B-. I didn't spritz until the very end because we had to leave. I know, bad planning. Life happens. I couldn't believe the 1 lbs chuck roast turned into a brick. I kept it on for another 30 min and then held it ( like a brisket) for an hour. Not...
  2. Sal Barsanti

    Can you smoke pork ribs & a beef bone in rib roast together???

    I have 1# of beef chuck roast (remaining amount - uncooked- from a recipe yesterday) that I plan on cooking with my pork spareribs today. I have never smoked pork and beef together. Though I've often thought of doing so. How much longer will that 1# chuck take compared to the ribs? Should be...
  3. Sal Barsanti

    Hot smoked salmon help

    My uncle used the same term a while back for smoked salmon! Squaw candy. How about that? Smoked some salmon yesterday. Used a simple dry brine and apple wood for smoke. Turned out great.
  4. Sal Barsanti

    What’s Your favorite wood or wood combo for smoking?

    Looking forward to trying the maple. Thanks!
  5. Sal Barsanti

    What’s Your favorite wood or wood combo for smoking?

    Maple from a neighbor's yard that fell a week ago. I think it is silver maple, but not sure. 5 wheelbarrow loads of maple. I'll take it. I'll chunk some for my WSM and split the rest for the fireplace
  6. Sal Barsanti

    Yikes! Ants!

    Updating this post re: large black ants... After dealing with the initial ant issue in my yellow apple wood bags, it seems to have fixed the issue. I have looked through the oak and cherry wood bags, no ants. I think I'll set up cement blocks and keep all wood bags off of the shed floor. *...
  7. Sal Barsanti

    Yikes! Ants!

    I just pulled 3 large paper leaf bags out of my shed- filled with apple sticks that I split last fall. I was going to cut them down to chunks using my table saw. I quickly discovered 100s of large black a ts in 2 of the bags. I dumped them out and tried spraying: 1- dish soap/water mix 2-...
  8. Sal Barsanti

    Custom Apron?

    I was wondering the same thing recently. I saw BBQ pros with nice aprons on Instagram. Some looked fancy Others had personalized logos/names. I then saw an ad from Dickies for a basic apron with two pockets and adjustable waist and neck straps for $6 - free shipping. I bought it and have used...
  9. Sal Barsanti

    New couple from Pennsylvania

    Welcome! I've been smoking for just over a year. I'm new and still learning, as well. Love it! Backyard bbq ing from West Michigan!
  10. Sal Barsanti

    B&B Competition Char-Logs?

    Picked up a bag of 20# B&B Oak lump coal today from the local Ace Hardware store. $18 including sales tax. Looking forward to trying it out.
  11. Sal Barsanti

    Buying a Quarter of a Cow - Details!

    Got the beef today. 194# hanging weight. 136# net weight. Here's what I ended up with: Round steak 9.17# Round roast 3.6# Sirloin steak 3.3# NY strip steak 5.2# - 1.25" thick Sirloin tip roast 4# Rib steak 7.4# - 1.25" thick Brisket 4.6# (I think it's the tip) Chuck roast 20.4# Tenderloin...
  12. Sal Barsanti

    Blues Hog Lump Charcoal

    $50 for a 20# bag?
  13. Sal Barsanti

    Blues Hog Lump Charcoal

    Saw Blues Hog in my local Ace Hardware today. I'll need to try it after I use my B&B.
  14. Sal Barsanti

    What NOT to use - Cowboy Lump

    Anyone mind if I resurrect this thread on lump coal? I ordered some B&B through my local Ace Hardware store today. The basic Oak lump coal. They also had Rockwood Lump Coal in the store, though I didn't buy it. Wanted to read up first. And they had Blue Hog lump coal. Does anyone have...
  15. Sal Barsanti

    Buying a Quarter of a Cow - Details!

    Right on. I like this approach. Although we enjoy quality ground beef burgers off the grill, I also would like to request these other cuts now I'm into smoking meat. I think back to all of the previous 1/4 or 1/2 cows we bought over the years and I truly have no idea what we got exactly. I know...
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