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    I am just getting back into the forum.  I run a catering business on the side and have a huge rig.  We do Weddings, open houses, receptions etc...    I am assuming that I am late to your post lol but if you know anyone that needs some catering done, I am your man.  I live in Laingsburg, MI and...
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    Catering Question

    Thanks guys,      This is going to just be fore friend and family.  Open Houses and what not.  If it is " invitation only" you don't have to be liscenced.  I talk with a health inspector about this.  I am in East Laning MI by the way if that gives you some more information.  I have been doing a...
  3. rweidner86

    Catering Question

    Hey Guys,      I have a couple questions for all of you.  I am going to start getting into Catering.  I have a job lined up at the end of September and there are 100-125 people.  They want Pulled Pork and Chickens with some sides.  I have no idea how to start charging.  I will Probably do...
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    Cooking racks

    Go to webstaraunt store.com you will find thdm
  5. rweidner86

    St. Louis Ribs & Some Q-View

    Those look amazing!!!
  6. rweidner86

    How long does it normally take to thaw out a Brisket? I want to say it is 7lbs or so

    I have been in the restaurant business a looong time and it is ok to thaw it under RUNNING water for awhile as long as the water temp is 70 degrees. You want to make sure that the meat does not get into the temperature danger zone. That is between 40 / 140 degrees Fahrenheit. if it sits in the...
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    Pork Butt on new WSM 22.5

    Good luck and have fun!!
  8. rweidner86

    First Brisket Smoke with Qview

    Looks very good to me. Nice bark on there also.
  9. rweidner86

    Newbie looking for suggestions

    Either way I would prolly brine them. Its pretty simple and really helps with inside moisture.
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    Pork Butt on new WSM 22.5

    Cant wait for pics later.
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    Comment by 'rweidner86' in media 'IMG_5636.JPG'

    Beautiful Brisket and Great Price!! How did she smoke?
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    Smoked Meatloaf wrapped in Bacon

    Mchar69, It takes about 4 hours or so at 275. You get that nice crisp of the bacon but still very juicy on the inside. It was great!! Just want it to warm up here in MI. We are having the coldest winter in a loooooong time. I'm sick of smoking in 5-10 degree weather. Lol
  13. Smoked Meatloaf wrapped in Bacon

    Smoked Meatloaf wrapped in Bacon

  14. rweidner86

    Smoked Meatloaf wrapped in Bacon

    For the Super Bowl I smoked a Meat loaf wrapped in bacon on my RF stick burner.  Weather was a little nicer to me this time around as it was 22 Degrees rather than 14!!  It's getting closer to Summer as we know it!!  Here are a few pics of the smoke. Couple More People loved it.  ...
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