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  1. rpmorey

    Newbie's First Buckboard w/ Qview

    Looks tasty, fry it up!!!
  2. rpmorey

    mango wood

    Rule of thumb, if it bears fruit or nuts, you can probably smoke with it. When I want to try some wood for the first time, I will do a test cook with the wood that I want to try. I usually cook a couple of skinless chicken breasts and thighs, They take smoke easily and I can do a taste test. If...
  3. rpmorey

    New insulated build...

    Still planning, rectangular, reverse fllow, 30" high X 48" wide X 24" deep cooker box, with 4 slide out/removable racks, 24"X24"X20" fire box,30"HX14"DX24"W smokeless warmer box, single wall construction, mounting on Harbor Freight cheapy trailer, trailer ordered, still waiting
  4. rpmorey

    Saute Pan Material Preference?

    I seldom use an actual saute' pan, I prefer creape' pans. Made from steel, season like cast iron. Can get them cheap at local chefs supply store. come in about 6 different sizes.
  5. rpmorey

    New insulated build...

    Looking good!! I see you got the minor steering issue solved. Keep the pics coming, I am planning my own build.
  6. rpmorey

    help with brine container container, please!!

    I use Home Depot "Homer" bucket. 5 gallon, easy clean-up and fridge on the porch will hold 2 of them.
  7. rpmorey

    Coke machine smoker need advice

    I don't know, my fear would be the the melt/burn temp of the foam insulation. You could use it as a curing, cold smoking box to make sausage or other cured meats. Perhaps, smoked cheeses. At cooking temps, I don't think the foam will hold up. It could break down and release chemicals into your...
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