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  1. ron petersen

    WB Vent Sizing

    What is the method of sizing the vents on the warming box. I want to use the warming box to bake, smoke or keep warm. I added a baffle plate above the firebox to keep direct heat off the bottom of the warming box. Want to make sure I have more than enough vent openings to do whatever I want to...
  2. ron petersen

    Insulating Firebox and Heat Box

    Having a hard time searching here on how I can attach insulation and steel to the firebox and heat box. This is on a trailer and don't want the insulation to drop to bottom creating a hot spot at top. Like to insulate for safety as well as holding heat in conserving fuel and staying cooler on a...
  3. ron petersen

    260 Gal Build

    How do I figure size opening and exhaust vent for the warming box? I have 4" pipe for exhaust and left over 7" pipe.  I plan to cut an opening on top of the firebox and add a slider to adjust the opening instead of trying to cut in the side of the CC and FB (more work and a 1/2" gap). I think...
  4. ron petersen

    260 Gal Build

    Curious, I have been looking at a lot of smokers for doing cold smoking and was wondering why I cannot turn my warming box into a smoker and what do I need to do to make it work. After looking at store bought "smokehouse" and looking at my warming box, they are basically the same thing. Just my...
  5. ron petersen

    First Time Making Bacon

    Great, I did not time the brine to pull out on a weekend to smoke. So I'm safe waiting over 14 days. Did not season till I get past the first one and experiment on flavors later. So It's still safe to cold smoke the bacon providing we will cook the bacon as needed? If I need to I can use my...
  6. ron petersen

    260 Gal Build

    I might just do the angle, just didn't think I would do it as I may need to clean the RF plate from time to time. Guess not a big deal. Better to have the hog go in quickly than to fight the grate and lose heat. I'll try to remember to take pics of the insides.
  7. ron petersen

    260 Gal Build

    After smoking a whole hog. The guy running the smoker was watching the temps and read somewhere I think Lang smokers that opposite the FB needed to be angled up slightly. He said he was having a hard time getting temps to stay when it was level, after he raised the nose up slightly, temps stayed...
  8. ron petersen

    260 Gal Build

    Not sure if the "counterweight" is actually needed, if I need to add something I will to be safe. I plan on adding a bench of some sort and possibly storage under bench opposite of smoker after I widen trailer a bit. Open to suggestions.
  9. ron petersen

    First Time Making Bacon

    Was given a slab of pork belly to make bacon out of. It's about 2" thick and good size slab. Guessing about 7-9 pounds. I used Pops Brine to start with, no seasonings. What do I look for to make sure the bacon is safe to eat? Assuming it's supposed to take 10-14 days in brine, is there a safe...
  10. ron petersen

    260 Gal Build

    I actually bolted the smoker to the trailer. Worked great, drove to a whole pig cookout 50 miles at a campsite, turned out great. After minor fixes on the smoker the temps stayed very steady 246 degrees for around 6 hours till the wind kicked in, then temps dropped, reset dampers, finished...
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  14. ron petersen

    Warming box design question

    Anyone have any photos of the setup. Photobucket is now a paying site and cannot view photos. I am looking to add intake on bottom of my FB into the warming box so it will act like a smoker if needed. Need ideas on how the adjustable vent plates work, etc.  And is there a size required for the...
  15. ron petersen

    260 Gal Build

    Might just do that as I am also going to enclose the trailer. Thanks
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