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    I didn't want this to be my second post.

    Love and prayers to you and family!
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    Fettuccine Alfredo

    I just made it last night as well!! Turned out awesome!Totally agree with it must be real Parmigiano Reggiano! Very simple but great! JUST add grilled chicken or shrimp haha! And that guy has some good recipes and cooking informational videos. I have tried several and they have turned out legit!
  3. ritchierich

    Pizza Practice

    Thank you! It is a peel from the pizza supply store....I cut the slot pattern in at work with a waterjet. It does help on the sliding the dough on and off. Did my small one too. Send me yours with the pattern draw on it and I will cut it.
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    Pizza Practice

    00- king author flour Mild crumble Italian sausage Motzz and feta cheese Red sauce Pepperoni 7-8 minutes Grill set at 400 Stone and chamber 750ish
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    Pizza Time!

    Well dang I need some practice with hot and fast. The unit works as said and well built. The rectec set at 400deg gets the stone between 650-700 ish. 30 minutes to get to temp. The couple pizzas I did took about 6-7 mins. Rotating them a few half spins. I just need to up my game on the dough...
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    Pizza Time!

  7. ritchierich

    Pizza Time!

    Can not wait to try out this pizza attachment on the rectec 700! It looks to be a good solid build. It’s made by green mountain.
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    Fatty Time

    Just 15-20 min. rest. To handle easier and not to bake from the inside out. For the breakfast fatty you should get the can biscuit dough, lay them out close together and roll them all out flat and wrap. Brush some butter on. Biscuit wrapped breakfast fatty???
  9. ritchierich

    Fatty Time

    This was one of my best bacon weaves and I hated to cover it up but I just had to try the pizza dough. After this weave was done I rolled it between wax paper. Made for better roll and outcome for me. Used thick cut bacon.
  10. ritchierich

    Fatty Time

    WOW I bout got choked up when I seen my pic featured!!!!! Thank you all for the comments and points and replies!! But its all YOU and SMF!!!! It turned out awesome!! You all helped me make it happen. I have learned a lot and still learning by digging deep in this great forum. All categories and...
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    Fatty Time

    Onions,peppers, used hot Italian sausage. Smoked cheddar cheese. Smithfield bacon.Smoked with pecan. Rested then rolled in dough. Turned heat up to 400 and finished.
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    Tri Tip

    Tri Tip
  13. ritchierich

    Amish Mustard Eggs ...My Mom said to share this with you guys...

    Just did my first batch!!! Thank you!!
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