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  1. redneck1676

    MES 30 and AMZIN BOX HELP!!!

    This goes out to all the MES 30 and AMZIN smoke box users. Let me say this first I'm a stick burner guy by nature here. I've got this MES 30 and the AMZIN smoke box. For the life of me I can't get the hang of how to keep the smoke box lit and running strong. Here's my procedure, warm up the MES...
  2. redneck1676

    advice on mods fir this smoker

    Hey fellas looking to by this smoker,the gentleman says it doesn't run very efficiently. I assume went hold or get to temp Any advise on mods to make it run like a champ?
  3. advice on mods fir this smoker

    advice on mods fir this smoker

  4. image1.JPG


  5. redneck1676

    First Snack Sticks needs some advice!!

    Think I'm going to invest an AMNPS too. Seems like they get rave reviews and the way to go for cold smoking (next project)
  6. redneck1676

    First Snack Sticks needs some advice!!

    Sounds like were on the same boat here. Think the next batch I'll let them sit to get room temp for several hours and wipe dry any surface moisture. Then go along with nepas guideline. Think I might add a little more fat as well. They inside is a tad dry for my taste.
  7. redneck1676

    First Snack Sticks needs some advice!!

    Thanks for the feed back here. Westby your probably right on with the moisture. Several times when I checked them they had moisture on them and my damper was not fully open. But no there was no water pan. Therms should be pretty good I can't see all three off but maybe so, ill check for sure...
  8. First Snack Sticks needs some advice!!

    First Snack Sticks needs some advice!!

  9. redneck1676

    First Snack Sticks needs some advice!!

    Ok so made my first attempt at snack sticks. I used 7# deer meat to 3# of ground pork. Used a a spice and cure kit with colored collagen casings. Ground mixed and stuffed the sticks all in same sittings. They turned out fair but not as I expected I'm sure my process needs a good tweak or 2...
  10. 2014-12-15 20.07.56.jpg

    2014-12-15 20.07.56.jpg

  11. 2014-12-15 07.30.12.jpg

    2014-12-15 07.30.12.jpg

  12. 2014-12-14 07.22.54.jpg

    2014-12-14 07.22.54.jpg

  13. 2014-12-13 18.43.23.jpg

    2014-12-13 18.43.23.jpg

  14. redneck1676

    Snack Sticks 101

    The kit says it has all ingredients included but ill double check. How long at 100? Not sure if it will run that low. Plus the wife said she just picked up about 10lbs of ground pork at a local Mexican meat market, so I will probably supplement that for the beef.
  15. redneck1676

    Snack Sticks 101

    Question here for all those that posted here. I've got a snack stick kit from High Mountain. It makes a 10lbs of sticks. It says smoke or oven cook at 200 for 1-2 hrs. Does this sound correct or should the time and temp be adjusted? I'm using 7lbs deer meat and 3lbs of 73%-23% ground beef. Not...
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