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    Reverse flow build, just getting started

    HOLY! I bet your tank has a BUCKEYE tank co tag on it. we got the same exact tanks! mines a 1968 Buckeye air compressor tank, and to Tom, mine is on a trailer.  
  2. real57vetteguy

    Reverse flow build, just getting started

     I wanted to post a follow up. Number one Major thanks to TOM for helping me, and giving me ideas etc. Thanks to all of you that talked with me about the build. Here is the just of the results. I have clocked almost 200 hours of smoke time on the build. 1) it is by far the most efficient...
  3. real57vetteguy

    Reverse flow build, just getting started

    I cooked for the 4th time, and it keeps getting better. I am not sureif its the effect  of the stainless or what, but everything I cook seems to be very very moist. I have a brinkman cabinet style small smoker with a water tray, but it does not turn out meat like this one. I have done baby...
  4. real57vetteguy

    Reverse flow build, just getting started

    Weekend, cook! My cut up veggies tasted a bit heavy of smoke but everything else was great! The butts and ribs were the best I had ever done by far! I realized that it only takes about 3 sticks of hickory 4-5 inch diameter to run the smoker at 200-225, about every two hours I added a stick. I...
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  9. real57vetteguy

    reverse flow from the back?

    I dont have any experiance with the box in the back but I just finished one with the firebox in the center, underneath and it works fantastic, and very efficient
  10. real57vetteguy

    Ferrel Pig?

    Just what he said about bleeding out! I have only eaten wild twice, both times it was from a buddies kill, and they were between 80-120 lb I helped do the cooking, and I will say those two were absolutly the best pig I have ever tasted
  11. real57vetteguy

    Lobster topper

    I do lobster tails somewhat the same, except i cut the top as mentioned, pull the meat out and lay over the tail, use butter, a tad bit of rosemary, and a slight injection of cajun/garlic butter. they turn out fantastic!
  12. real57vetteguy

    shrimp and scallops bacon wrapped

    Man,thats looking tasty, seafood is one of my favorite in the smoker. I do scallops alot, I usually wrap in bacon, half cooked on the stove, put them in a pan with butter, dill rosemary and a touch of cajun seasoning and they are just fantastic. I did some lobster tails recently and they were by...
  13. real57vetteguy

    First run on new smoker build, need some tips regarding what/how to cook!

    This is my first post in this section, I have been researching in here and found some great ideas. I just finished my build which is over in the reverse flow section. Sat will be my first real run at doing some serious smoking on this rig. I have been using one of the lowes box type propane...
  14. real57vetteguy

    Reverse flow build, just getting started

    Does anyone know the theory of adjusting dampners? I guess what I am asking is that in theory, if I have inlets on my fire box, a dampner from fire box to cooking chamber, then the dampner on the stack, in theory how would I adjust them all to produce the most heat and how would I adjust to...
  15. real57vetteguy

    My New Build

    Fine build and Fine craftsmanship!
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